Data Project: an online database of parliamentary rules containing the formal rules of procedure for various parliaments over time. A joint project with Tom Fleming (UCL).

Replication Datasets:

Replication data for: Radoslaw Zubek (2021) ‘Committee Strength in Parliamentary Democracies: A New Index’. European Journal of Political Research. 60(4): 1018-1031. Download from Harvard Dataverse.

Replication data for: Niels D. Goet, Thomas G. Fleming, Radoslaw Zubek (2020) ‘Procedural Change in the UK House of Commons, 1811-2015’, Legislative Studies Quarterly. 45(1): 35-67. Download from Harvard Dataverse.

Replication data for: Radoslaw Zubek, Heike Klüver (2015) ‘Legislative Pledges and Coalition Government’, Party Politics, 21(4): 603-614. Download.

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