Selected recent publications:

Edited Volumes:

  • Radoslaw Zubek (ed.) (2015) Explaining Legislative Organization in European Democracies. Special issue of West European Politics, 38(5). [link]

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:

  • Radoslaw Zubek (2021) ‘Committee Strength in Parliamentary Democracies: A New Index’. European Journal of Political Research. 60(4): 1018-1031. [link]
  • Radoslaw Zubek, Abhishek Dasgupta, David Doyle (2021) ‘Measuring the Significance of Policy Outputs with Positive Unlabeled Learning’. American Political Science Review. 115(1): 339-346. [link]
  • Niels D. Goet, Thomas G. Fleming, Radoslaw Zubek (2020) ‘Procedural Change in the UK House of Commons, 1811-2015’. Legislative Studies Quarterly. 45(1): 35-67. [link]
  • Heike Klüver, Radoslaw Zubek (2018) ‘Minority Governments and Legislative Reliability: Evidence from Denmark and Sweden’. Party Politics. 24(6): 719–730. [link]
  • Radoslaw Zubek (2015) ‘Coalition Government and Committee Power’. West European Politics. 38(5): 1020-1041. [link]
  • Radoslaw Zubek, Heike Klüver (2015) ‘Legislative Pledges and Coalition Government’. Party Politics. 21(4): 603-614. [link]

Book Chapters:

  • Radoslaw Zubek (2022) ‘Minority Governments in Poland: Governing after Crisis with Ad Hoc Majorities’. In B. N. Field and S. Martin (eds) Minority Governments in Comparative Perspective. Oxford: Oxford University Press. [link]
  • Radoslaw Zubek (2015) ‘Investiture Rules and Minority Governments in Poland’. In Rasch, B.E., S. Martin, and J.A. Cheibub (eds) Parliaments and Government Formation: Unpacking Investiture Rules. Oxford: Oxford: Oxford University Press. [link]

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