Measuring Government Policy with Text Analysis

  • David DoyleAbhishek Dasgupta and myself are using computerised text analysis and machine learning methods to develop estimates of government policy across time and policy fields. Our key questions are: Is government policy enhancing business activity or constraining it?  Are government regulations becoming more or less business friendly?  Is government policy more favourable to some sectors than others?  The project is funded by British Academy and OUP Fell Fund.

Explaining Legislative Organization in European Democracies

  • Why do national parliaments choose to organize themselves the way they do? Why do legislative institutions evolve over time? In this project, I focus on the evolution of legislative agenda power in 18 western and east-central European democracies (1945-2011) to investigate the conditions under which political parties undertake parliamentary reforms in Europe. The project is supported by a BA Small Research Grant and an OUP Fell Fund Award. You can read my most recent article from this project here.

Parliamentary Government and Legislative Pledges

  • Many parliamentary governments announce regular legislative agendas identifying bills they plan to introduce to parliament in the months ahead. But even though they commit to such agendas, governments often fail to present proposals or do so with a long delay. Why? Heike Klüver and myself are examining how parliamentary governments in Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom fulfil post-electoral legislative pledges. You can read our most recent article from this project here.